What Hera Wore // A Gypsy Weekend.


No, don’t worry – I’m not bringing Hera to Coachella; but I have been inspired by all the festival fashions and trends lately. With all the hubbub of Coachella this weekend Hera and I are planning to have our own little music festival. The schedule includes: making music on her adorable natural maracas and bongos, picnicking in the park, a little finger painting, and of course, listening to some great music via vinyl. I’m thinking the lineup looks something like the original Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack, the Jungle Book soundtrack, and perhaps a little Fleetwood Mac.

Just because we aren’t making the trek out to Indio doesn’t mean we can’t dress the part this weekend either. I was going through some old boxes of mine yesterday and found this gorgeous floral crown that I wore to the Renaissance festivals when I was a kid. I can’t believe this thing is like 15+ years old! Eek! Anyways, to all of you heading out to the desert this weekend – safe travels + enjoy yourselves! You’ll most likely find Hera and I dancing in the park.

What Hera Wore. Ivory Mesh Dress // Baby Gap. (No longer available but this one is equally adorable!) Amber Beads // Amber Atisans. Floral Crown // It was mine as a kid!. Natural Maracas // Oriental Trading Company. Moccasins // Minnetonka. Llama Stuffy // JellyCat.

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