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Anyone else slightly obsessed with peonies this summer? I’ve been seeing them everywhere; farmer’s markets, summer parties, and plastered all over Instagram. So when it came time to wrap up a gift for my dear friend’s wedding this weekend how could I not be inspired by peonies?! It’s an on-going joke that I tend to spend more time on gift wrapping presents than I do picking out the actual gift. Don’t worry, it just looks that way, I can assure you I don’t pick out just any run of the mill gifts, I love picking out thoughtful treasures that are unique to each friend, but I do tend to go all out on the gift wrap. So, I thought I’d share with you how simple it can be to take ordinary gift wrap to the next level.

Tips on Gift Wrapping

Keep it Organic. Kraft paper. Burlap. Twine. All of these are great bases to start. I love to keep my gift wrap organic in the sense of incorporating bits of natural aspects any chance I get. During the holidays I love to slip in a sprig of evergreen or holly berries into the ribbon – and during the spring I’ll play with fresh, dried or fabric flowers. Hence, the peonies.

Keep it Simple. Don’t overdo it with the ribbons, wrapping, embellishments, stickers, etc. It’s easy to go a little overboard with all the cute gift wrap out there. Create a palette and stick with it.

Don’t be afraid to mix medias. I love mixing media. Wrapping a gift in kraft paper, then tying it up with fabric, and adding a bit of metallic somewhere in the mix is usually a win/win. As long as all the medias are within the same palette, it should come together quite lovely.

Use color. And lots of it. Color is an important part of gift wrapping. It will help announce that the gift is for a baby girl, a little boy’s 1st birthday or a wedding. Creating the right palette is key.

Recycle, Reuse. Did you love that little embellishment that was on a gift given to you? Reuse it! Was that wrapping paper that your birthday gift was wrapped in to die for? Reuse it! There is nothing wrong with recycling gift wrap, in fact, often times I hope my friends and family reuse mine. A lot of time, effort, and love go into great gift wrap – it doesn’t deserve to go in the trash, especially if it’s cute.

Embellish. I feel no gift is complete without a little embellishment; whether it be a fresh sprig of lavender or small tube of lipgloss. Adding a little flair goes a long way in gift wrapping.

Personalize. I’m all about personalizing gift wrap. I recently started to learn calligraphy so lately you’ll find me scripting the recipient’s name on a wooden gift tag or even straight onto the wrapping paper. I think personalization is the ultimate sign of affection – you can’t go wrong.

Showcase the gift. When all else fails, make a gift basket. I love gift baskets because not only are they personalized with each gift item but wrapped up in some clear cellophane in a cute little basket or pail and voilà, instant amazing gift wrap.

Above all, get inspired and be unique. So, before you pick up that generic roll of (often expensive) wrapping paper, I hope you remember some of these gift wrapping tips. I guarantee that if you even take one tip away from this post, it’s bound to turn heads. Now, on to those peonies.

Fabric Peonies
Inspired by Ez Pudewa over at Creature Comforts.
Makes 3 Flowers

¼ yard of Pink Satin (100% Polyester)
Golden Embroidery Thread

Cut out seven – 3-inch circles for each flower. These do not need to be perfect, in fact the sloppier the circle the more unique and realistic the petals!

Make four snips on each circle, creating the petals, taking care not to snip all the way across.

To create the realistic edges of the petals, hold the edge of one circle over the flame of the candle. Be careful, it gets hot! Allow the edges to curl up slightly; make sure to get in between where you snipped but work quickly as the edges can burn.

To create the center stamens, make a small pom-pom with the embroidery thread by wrapping the thread around your pointer and middle finger about 10 times. Take another piece of the thread and tie it around the center of the wrapped thread. Slide the the pom-pom off your fingers and secure with a knot. Carefully cut the loops of the pom-pom and give it a good fluff.

Stack the seven petals on top of each other to create your peony. Thread your needle with about a yard of the embroidery thread. Starting from the bottom petal sew through all seven petals, leaving a few inches of the thread hanging, and ending in the center of the top petal. Thread the embroidery floss through your pom-pom and back down through the petals. Snip the thread off the needle and secure with a knot. Keep the thread strands long making it easier to attach them to a gift.


S H A R E - I T|T W E E T - I T|P I N - I T
July 4, 2014 - 6:21 am

KimberHills - Thank you! They definitely add a little extra handmade feeling!

July 4, 2014 - 6:21 am

KimberHills - Thank you! You can never go wrong with kraft paper and twine in my opinion! :)

July 4, 2014 - 3:30 am

Vanessa - Oh wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! The pom pom centers are a cute + unique touch! :)

June 29, 2014 - 10:04 pm

onel - Beautiful wrapping with the peonies! They really look real!
For gift wrapping, 2 things that I use all the time are brown kraft paper and twine but had a hard time deciding on the extra decorations. Thanks a lot for the tips!

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