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Our weekend adventures never cease to amaze me. It is astonishing how much I manage to fit into two consecutive days versus the five usually unproductive days during the week. The weather here in Los Angeles has been a bit odd, it’s hot, muggy and humid – not my cup of tea. So lately for running around town I’ve been putting Hera in as little of clothing as possible. However, to abstain from becoming one of the moms who takes their child out in public wearing nothing but a diaper, she’s been living in rompers like these lately. We’ve also been discovering our new toys! Hera received so many gifts for her baby shower, I had to store away some of the toys until she was old enough to play with them. I’ve been pulling one out after the other. I can’t believe my baby is 7 months old! How was your weekend? Is the weather nicer where you’re at?

What Hera Wore. Romper. Peek! Little Peanut “Baby Brighton Bloomer” (No longer available. Similar one here.). // Headband. DIY! // Toy Camera. It’s Vintage, but a few can be found here. // Moccasins. Freshly Picked.

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