Snap Shots // Love in Laurel Canyon.

1Last weekend we spent the day visiting with friends and family up in Laurel Canyon; we truly had such an amazing time. It felt like we were hours from civilization even though Sunset Boulevard was merely blocks away; the Hollywood Hills tend to have that marvelous effect. It was so nice to spend time with family in a place with no distractions; no TV, no microwave – not even a coffee pot, and very limited cell phone service. It allowed us to share genuine, uninterrupted time with one another, which seems so far and few these days. Being amongst the endless rows of trees, good records and great friends seem to make the grub taste better, the wine stronger and the memories fonder.

I love that my blog can catalog all these wonderful experiences, especially now that Hera is here. Even now, I look back through the memories and can see how the love in our family has doubled (maybe even tripled) now that we have Hera. I have never understood love more than now and I have never felt more grateful.


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