A Potty Step, DIY.

Potty training is hard. There’s not getting around it. And when you try and push it upon a stubborn two year old who isn’t quite ready things just don’t work out. I am happy to say that we are officially potty trained and my one word of advice; wait. Wait until your child is ready. The first go around things were bad, real bad, like screaming and tears bad. We tried everything; a potty chart, rewards, stickers, candy – you name it. She just wasn’t ready. We waited a few months and gave it another shot. This time around we didn’t use any fancy potty charts or make a big deal out of it with songs and dancing around like clowns – and you know what, it worked. It was actually, dare I say, a breeze.

Once we got the potty training down we switched her from her little potty to the “big girl” potty but the challenging aspect was running to lift her up onto the toilet every single time. I searched every corner of the interweb to find a cool stool that she could use to get up on the potty herself but everything seemed to be an eyesore. If I’m going to have a huge stool in front of my toilet at least can it blend in? Well with no such luck, I decided to take matters into my own hands and DIY myself one.

I ventured out to IKEA and picked myself up one of their MOLGER step stools and began to reconfigure what I had mapped out in my mind. What came of it was exactly what I had envisioned. A perfectly sized, stylish, birch potty stool that both helps my daughter reach the potty and looks great in her bathroom! The DIY was pretty simple, if you’re like me and want something both pleasing to the eye and functional – I recommend giving this DIY a try!

To create this Potty Step you’ll need the following:
The MOLGER step stool from IKEA
A Saw, of some sort
Screwdriver, both a Phillips and a Flathead
Hammer or Mallet
Wood Screws
Birch Wood Plugs, these are optional

To begin you’re going to be working with the side pieces. They already come somewhat assembled from IKEA which is a shame because these right here are all the work. Start by removing the highlighted bar. There are two sets of dowel rods connecting this to the adjacent bars. I found the easiest way to remove it without damaging the wood is to take a flathead screwdriver and begin hammering it into the joint at the top. Once you split the joint you can kind of wedge the screwdriver back and forth to carefully separate it. Real technical stuff, I know.

Doing this should also loosen the joint at the bottom of the bar allowing you to once again wedge the screwdriver between the two carefully separating it.
Once you have successfully remove the bar you should be left with something like this. Using either pliers (of which I personally had no luck) or a saw, carefully remove or saw off the dowel rods sticking out.The next step, is to level off this bar.Using a handsaw (if you’ve got the strength) or a band saw (in this case, my dad’s – thank you Pops!) remove the excess bar, leveling off with the crossbar. Don’t worry about the look of it cosmetically, it will be covered by the step when we are finished. Do the exact same thing to the other piece. You should know have two of these bad boys.At this point, you’re practically done! Now to assemble the step stool, take the larger of the two steps that come with the original stool. Face the two “legs” (is what we’ll call them) so that the sides with the most holes are facing towards each other – in other words, inward. Place the step on top of the legs so that they cover both the sawed off dowel rods and the sawed off bar – it should cover this perfectly. Flip the stool upside down and with each leg aligned one at a time, screw down using two or three wood screws.

Once you’ve screwed one leg to the step, repeat this with the second leg. You should now have what resembles an adorable little wooden step.It’s optional to fill those holes where the original IKEA screws were supposed to go with some wood plugs that can easily be picked up at your hardware store, but again this is completely optional.

After that, you are done. Slide this puppy up under your toilet and let your toddler have all the freedom to use the potty all. by. themselves.

I was even able to use the second step that comes with the original IKEA stool for a little bathroom decor!

S H A R E - I T|T W E E T - I T|P I N - I T
June 24, 2016 - 3:55 am

Maria - Wow! Great find! I was expecting you to say you found it at West Elm or Dwell or something.

June 22, 2016 - 2:13 pm

KimberHills - I found it at Home Goods about a year ago! :)

June 21, 2016 - 10:39 pm

Maria - Hi Kimber,
I’m in love with this project! It’s the perfect, sophisticated potty step! I can’t wait to try it. Can I ask where you got your shower curtain from?

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