Easy IKEA Hack.

DSC_4912It happened. Hera outgrew her toddler bed. I feel like she was just in her bassinet yesterday and then I blinked and all the sudden she grew up. We’ve been on the hunt for a twin bed for her for quite awhile but just never pulled the trigger. I needed something on the smaller side to save space and I wanted something with a trundle for sleepovers.

I found this super cute one and even though the price was right the only trundle I could find that would work for it was from The Land of Nod and that price tag was twice the price of the bed! My friend Michelle turned me on to the BRIMNES bed from IKEA and I fell in love with this space-saving, trundle bearing, toy collecting bed. Not only did this thing fit my physical requirements but it fit our budget as well.

We quickly picked one of these up and it was perfect, but knowing me I can’t leaving things as they are and decided to ditch the cheap wood drawer pulls to amp up the look of this bed. Michelle actually did the same thing and luckily had a couple extra drawer pulls on hand that she was willing to throw my way; luckily because IKEA sizes are metric and we don’t carry much of anything like that in the states. I picked up a can of brass/gold spray paint and after a couple quick passes (and patiently waiting for it dry) I popped these bad boys on and think they give the bed an awesome (and more expensive!) look. The great thing about this is that you can make these pulls virtually any color you want! I think IKEA has become more of a place where you can buy awesome basic pieces that are ready for you to add your personal touch, which is right up my alley because that’s what I end up doing regardless.

It definitely makes a difference! What do you think? Hera loves her new big girl bed and is anxiously awaiting her cousin’s arrival next week for her first sleepover! I love the bed because we can throw all her toys in the drawers!

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