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Natural Ant Spray

We just came back from a wonderful trip from the East Coast to home full of ants, not quite the “welcome home” party I was expecting. With this abnormally hot summer/fall we’ve been having in Los Angeles lately has really brought out all the creepy critters. So to combat this I went straight to my essential oils and concocted an all natural “ant spray” to take back my home. I love this stuff because not only is it effective but it smells great and I know it’s safe to use around my daughter.

Natural Ant Spray

1 Cup of Distilled Water
½ Cup of Witch Hazel
20-25 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
20-25 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
10 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil
10 drops of Clove Essential Oil

Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake. This works great because the blend of oils help masks their scent trails as well as contains natural occurring chemicals, which are safe to humans but toxic to ants. Spray as needed or around the baseboards and entry ways to prevent ants from visiting.

S H A R E - I T|T W E E T - I T|P I N - I T

Motherhood // 9 Months New.

Happy nine months to my little adventurous soul. Your eyes have shown me things I’ve been blind to and your heart has shown me how deep my love runs. Thank you for making me laugh, teaching me patience and most of all – being you. I couldn’t imagine spending my days with anyone else in my arms. I love you so much my little Hera Bea.

S H A R E - I T|T W E E T - I T|P I N - I T

Natural Remedies // Tangerine Rug Refresher

Okay, let’s have an honest moment here. I’m the type of girl who loves, I mean obsesses, over a clean house – but I loathe cleaning. Like, the thought of unloading the dishwasher gives me hives. But, it’s a chore and no one loves chores – at least I don’t think so, but it has to get done. These days I’m shocked by what Hera finds in our carpets and rugs, don’t get me started on this “Googly Eye” situation we’ve got going on. Anyways, being this psuedo-clean freak that I’d like to think I am I whipped up a quick batch of the easiest carpet refresher! Have you read the back of those commercial carpet refreshers? They are almost all toxic chemicals! Yuck! Anyways, you can’t go wrong with good ‘ole baking soda – add a few drops of Tangerine Oil and you’ve got the brightest, cheeriest, most deliciously refreshed rugs and carpet and NO CHEMICALS!

Tangerine Rug Refresher

1 Cup of All Natural Baking Soda
20 Drops of Tangerine Essential Oil

Combine the two ingredients in a glass jar, secure with a lid and give a good shake. Sprinkle on your rugs or carpet and let it side for about 10 – 15 minutes before vacuuming it up.

Do you hate hate cleaning as much as I do? Any tips on getting me excited to clean? (Probably not.)

S H A R E - I T|T W E E T - I T|P I N - I T

Style // What Hera Wore.

Our weekend adventures never cease to amaze me. It is astonishing how much I manage to fit into two consecutive days versus the five usually unproductive days during the week. The weather here in Los Angeles has been a bit odd, it’s hot, muggy and humid – not my cup of tea. So lately for running around town I’ve been putting Hera in as little of clothing as possible. However, to abstain from becoming one of the moms who takes their child out in public wearing nothing but a diaper, she’s been living in rompers like these lately. We’ve also been discovering our new toys! Hera received so many gifts for her baby shower, I had to store away some of the toys until she was old enough to play with them. I’ve been pulling one out after the other. I can’t believe my baby is 7 months old! How was your weekend? Is the weather nicer where you’re at?

What Hera Wore. Romper. Peek! Little Peanut “Baby Brighton Bloomer” (No longer available. Similar one here.). // Headband. DIY! // Toy Camera. It’s Vintage, but a few can be found here. // Moccasins. Freshly Picked.

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