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Motherhood // Between the Sheets

It’s amazing the stuff we have accumulated in our bed as of lately. My husband and I laugh at the fact that if we need a burp cloth, toy or something to soothe Hera it’s usually shoved somewhere in between our covers. Am I the only mama out there like this? Our bed has literally become a live-in diaper bag. I have noticed that the things found in our bed tend to be our go-to’s so I thought this would be a great way to share some of my favorite must-haves for baby.

First and foremost, there is always a travel pack of wipes somewhere shoved in the sheets. These are perfect for wiping up spit up, which unfortunately is also found in our bed. We love Honest wipes, they are fragrance-free and are so gentle on Hera’s skin.

You can usually find one or more pairs of socks near the end of the bed as well. This is a habit of mine; you can almost always find a pair of my socks down there as well. I love to wear socks to bed but end up kicking them off in the middle of the night. This also goes for Hera, I put her to bed wearing socks but somewhere during the night between nursing and diaper changes – she loses them. My favorite pair of socks at the moment are Etiquette’s cashmere socks … they are so soft and the prints and patterns are too cute.

There are always a number of burp cloths scattered throughout our sheets. During our zombie-like states in the middle of the night we are constantly grabbing another burp cloth and then losing it a midst our sheets. Aden + Anais’ bamboo fiber muslin burp cloths are great for burping as well as protecting our pillows (and shirts) against spit up.

As far as soothers for those middle of the night tantrums, Hera usually has her little arms wrapped around her “lovey”. Aden + Anais makes the softest little loveys that are perfect sized for little ones. We usually have some sort of rattle or teether such as Green Sprouts rattle. They make great distractions during diaper changes.

Lately we have been singing and reading to Hera before bedtime. I think she just likes the sound of our voices more so than the stories we read to her; but as of late you can find Charley Harper’s “ABC’s” book somewhere within our bed. The illustrations are so pretty and if you ask me, you can never start too early with the ABC’s.

Lastly, there are some more mama-friendly items in our bed such as my iPad Mini to keep me occupied after I have fed and changed Hera. Once she falls back asleep it’s not that easy for me to conk out. I am usually up for another 45 minutes to an hour before I can fall back asleep so you can find me browsing Instagram and other fellow mommy-blogs. Don’t be surprised if I comment or like your photos between the hours of 1 and 3 o’clock in the morning. I also have my iPhone handy, I have found some great apps such Honest’s “Honest Baby” which helps track my nursing and sleeping patterns for Hera. “Milk Maid” is another great app, which makes pumping a breeze. Lastly, my Life Factory bottle is always close. Since becoming a mother, I have never been so thirsty in my life. I think it’s a combination of nursing, pumping and sleep deprivation. I have been on an iced tea kick but there is nothing more refreshing than ice cold water with lemon.

Occasionally you will find other miscellaneous items amongst our bedding whether that is a blanket, swaddle cloths or nursing pads but the one thing that you can always count on finding in our bed is one big happy family.

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A Birth Story // Miss Hera Bea

Hera Beatrice Brown
December 20th, 2013 | 8 pounds 4 ounces | 20.5 inches

Well, she’s finally here. After watching my due date come and go and anxiously awaiting any signs of labor I finally started experiencing contractions on December 19th around three o’clock in the afternoon. Cameron was still at work, I notified him but told him to just come home at his usual time since I had been having Braxton Hicks for a couple of days that never progressed into anything. I was trying not to get my hopes up as I had been let down the entire week. I called my mom and she decided to come over to keep me company until Cameron came home. At this point my contractions were getting stronger and were about 5-7 minutes apart. By the time my mom made it over to our house I told her not to even bother getting out of the car and that we needed to go to Labor & Delivery. It was finally time. Let me tell you, trying to get a woman in labor to the hospital during rush hour traffic in Los Angeles is not fun. At this point the contractions were becoming increasingly stronger and stronger; they were 2 minutes apart on the dot.

We finally made it to Labor & Delivery, I couldn’t even tell you what time is was as I was in quite a bit of pain but my guess is it was around 6 o’clock in the evening by now. Cameron made it to the hospital and it was so nice to finally have him by my side. They had me in triage until a doctor could thoroughly check me. The labor floor was packed that night with plenty of women who were being induced. If you weren’t progressing they had to send you home due to lack of space! Luckily I was about 4 cm and was finally transported to a labor room. The three hours that passed were kind of a blur to me. It was a mess of questions, pain, and more pain. At one point I kept repeating, “I’m going to faint!” The pain was beyond intolerable – I have to give my utmost respect for women who can birth naturally. I managed 6 hours natural labor and just couldn’t go any further. I was given my epidural around 9 o’clock in the evening and finally things settled down and I was able to relax. Family members began to trickle in and between the chatting and the chomping of ice chips 6 more hours passed.

I had been laying a bit more on my right side and had noticed I was starting to feel the painful contractions on the left side of my body. My nurse informed me that because I was laying slightly more to my right that the medicine from the epidural had begun to pool on my right – leaving my left side unmedicated. The pain was so excruciating that it made me sick – literally. That part was not fun. She told me to turn onto my left side to allow the medicine to pool back but the minute I turned onto my side it was time to push. I had always wondered how women knew it was time to push – now, I know. Unfortunately I can’t explain it, but it was time. Cameron ran to get the nurse and she began to prep me for delivery. With my feet in the stirrups and the instructions to simply “push” – I began.

I actually believe that being able to feel my left side was a bit of a blessing in disguise. While I was pushing, I could feel her moving down the birth canal. It was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever experienced. I wouldn’t even call this part painful it was exhausting and amazing. After 45 minutes of pushing our little girl entered the world at 3:31 in the morning. With that last push came a rush of feelings and emotions: excitement, relief, exhaustion and love. It’s completely true what they say, the minute your little one is born all the pain completely leaves your body and you are filled with the most overwhelming sensations. I waited nine and a half months to meet this little girl and she is finally here. Cameron and I just stared at her for the first half hour, completely in shock and utterly in love. Hera Beatrice Brown was born, a healthy 8 pounds 4 ounces and 20 ½ inches long. She has filled our hearts with so much love. Every bit of nausea, every minute of lost sleep, every ache, every pain, even every pound gained was completely worth it and we are over the moon to have our little girl finally here with us.

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January 4, 2014 - 4:02 am

Prudy Detzel - She will treasure this as well as YOUR granddaughters will someday treasure this. This is excellently communicated and written.

I just keep seeing the female cousins pouring over Hera Bea’s Great Great Grandmother Rhoda Ruth’s diary and journal and re-living life with her from a feminine perspective.

You too are already, as young as you still are, beginning the gift of this same kind of legacy for us to enjoy now and for others to treasure throughout the generations.

Bless you, Dear One. You yourself are a treasure … as well as Hera Bea.

Motherhood // 35 Weeks

It’s week 35 and my to-do list is finally beginning to shorten. Our hospital bags are packed, the car seat is installed, and all of our little girl’s clothes are washed and put away. I’m realizing that many of the “high priority” items on my to-do list, such as organize the garage and clean out the closets, have been put on the back burner and labeled under “weekend projects after she is born”. As much as I’d love to dig into my closet and give it a makeover – I simply do not have the energy and have found that resting my exhausted body takes far more precedence than having an organized closet or garage.

I love writing these pregnancy posts and wish I had to done so earlier on in my pregnancy. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life I wasn’t able to find time to take a moment and jot down how I was doing, thinking or feeling. Bummer. I thought I’d take some time and “take stock” yet again. With November feeling like it’s already whizzing by I better stop in my tracks and finally take a moment.

//Taking Stock//

Making … up excuses to lay in bed just a bit longer.
Cooking … homemade stuffing.
Drinking … English Breakfast Tea with Lemon and Sugar.
Reading … my body, very carefully.
Wanting … a glass of Champagne, or a coffee.
Looking … at the leaves beginning to change.
Playing … catch up with friends.
Wasting … energy worrying about the small things.
Sewing … pillows.
Wishing … I was more comfortable.
Enjoying … honey crisp apples.
Waiting … as patiently as I can for our little girl to arrive.
Liking … prenatal massages.
Wondering … what her birthdate will be.
Loving … the thought of becoming a mama.
Hoping … for an easy labor and birth.
Marveling … at my ever-expanding belly.
Needing … patience.
Smelling … the breeze on a hot Autumn day.
Wearing … lounge pants, all day – everyday.
Following … every “mommy blog”.
Noticing … every little (and big!) kick, jab and roll inside my tummy.
Knowing … I can do this.
Thinking … about the weekend.
Starting … to Christmas shop.
Bookmarking … the dreaded “What to Expect when you’re Expecting”.
Opening … another roll of Smarties.
Giggling … at the thought of “date night” tonight.
Feeling … exhausted.

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November 7, 2013 - 10:09 pm

Teghan - So excited (and jealous) for you right now . . . but “what to expect” is awful and scary, I highly recommend Ina May Gaskin’s “Guide to Childbirth” this book gives all the details but is soooo empowering, if you have time to read another ;)

Motherhood // 33 Weeks

Let me just start off by saying pregnancy is not glamorous. No matter how fun and chic Hollywood makes it seem – it’s not. It is an amazing experience and the thought of creating life is an astonishing miracle. I am so grateful for this gift but it’s far from what I would call “fun”. I’m 33 weeks along now and have hit that point where I’m done being pregnant. The back aches, the leg cramps, the insomnia, the rib pains, the kicking, the heartburn, the migraines, the exhaustion … the list goes on (and I’ll spare you a few of the symptoms) – bottom line is, I’m over it.

I don’t mean to sound so negative during such positive time in my life, I feel so blessed to be able to bring a new life into this world; it’s just that – I am so ready to meet this little girl. All the prepping and planning, saving and spending has led up to meeting her … and I want that. These next few weeks I’m sure will feel like an eternity but I have to motor through them. Hopefully time will pass quickly with the holidays rapidly approaching but all I can think about is holding and kissing this little girl we’ve created.

In the meantime, I’ll keep chomping on apples, popping Tums, begging for backrubs and dreaming of the day we meet. I love you little one.

S H A R E - I T|T W E E T - I T|P I N - I T
October 28, 2013 - 6:02 pm

Julie - You said it so elegantly and aptly! Pregnancy is NOT fun, but you’re doing such a great job, if you doubt that just look at your beautiful photo! Thank you for the inspiration you’ve given me to keep on trucking! =)

Motherhood // A Mobile

If you’ve seen our nursery you know we did not take the conventional “baby” route. We wanted something that our little girl could grow into. We fell in love with the peacefulness of simplicity. No crazy colors, no wacky animals, just a calm and serene place for her to rest her head – and of course, be a kid. We took elements from our home in order to make her room fit the flow. Because we took this route it took us awhile to settle on a mobile. We knew we didn’t want brightly colored stuffed animals floating around her head to music that would make the ice cream man jealous. We wanted something that would capture her eye yet intrigue her. We wanted a piece of art – and that’s exactly what we found.

Artist Jay Jones creates the most stunning works of art crafted from copper. His eye for balance and symmetry are beautiful and when we stumbled upon his Copper Gingko Leave mobile we fell in love. The brilliant patina captures your eye and with the slightest breeze a whirlwind of leaves begin to swirl around in a flurry. The light dances off the copper leaves and paints the room with speckled beams of sunlight. If that doesn’t capture and intrigue one of any age – then I don’t know what does.

The average life of a typical “baby mobile” is maybe five or six months, which is why we wanted something that could remain in our home for many years. This work of art is something we plan to cherish for many more years to come. It’s something that our little one can grow with; we plan on moving it to a corner of her room when she outgrows the “mobile” stage, although I’m building my case as to why it needs to be in my room.

For information on Jay Jones’ gorgeous copper mobiles visit his website here.

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