Motherhood // 9 Months New.

Happy nine months to my little adventurous soul. Your eyes have shown me things I’ve been blind to and your heart has shown me how deep my love runs. Thank you for making me laugh, teaching me patience and most of all – being you. I couldn’t imagine spending my days with anyone else in my arms. I love you so much my little Hera Bea.

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Bits + Pieces // Utter excitement.

Okay you guys, I’m still shrieking with excitement over here! Remember my silk peony tutorial? (If you missed it, check it out here!) Well… they are featured in this month’s issue of Wedding Magazine! I was so thrilled when Burda Publications contacted me about sharing my tutorial in their publication a couple of months ago. It’s kind of nice to know that my mom isn’t the only one who reads my blog, actually I’m not even sure if she reads it these days! All joking aside, it really is amazing to receive a little recognition, and actually seeing my work in print completely made my day.

Since you’re here reading this, you’ve most likely already seen my tutorial but I would recommend checking out this month’s issue anyways … the seasonal flower arrangements and ideas along with their stunning fall color palette is completely inspiring and absolutely breath taking. It’s totally getting me in the Fall mood. Go take a peek! You can download this month’s issue here!

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Snap Shots // Palm Springs.

TERRYPOOLSIDEWe jetted off to Palm Springs to enjoy a little fun in the hot sun this weekend to celebrate Labor Day. It was so nice to spend time with our dear friends, whom which we do not nearly see enough of. Hera was just mesmerized by her friend Hudson; I don’t know if it was because he was older that she looked to him with such awe or because of his cuteness, my guess would be the latter.

With lots of sunscreen, ice water, and pool floats – we spent the majority of our time relaxing in the pool taking in plenty of Vitamin D. Hera did so well in the heat; I, on the other hand, found myself making excuses to take frequent trips into the air conditioned house. I did survive, but my heart melted seeing the kids interact with each other; from the sharing of breakfast to random forehead kisses, having the children of life-long friends becoming friends themselves is such an amazing thing to witness.

Our evenings were filled with food, fort building and Frozen (only a half a dozen times!) and once the kids went down we chatted over wine and a little Cards Against Humanity. I honestly have not laughed that hard in a long time. We chatted for hours about how exhilarating this whole experience of parenthood is; the ups, the downs, the in betweens, and the amount of love and pride you feel. I couldn’t have imagined a better getaway and we’re already planning our next trip.

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Snap Shots // Love in Laurel Canyon.

1Last weekend we spent the day visiting with friends and family up in Laurel Canyon; we truly had such an amazing time. It felt like we were hours from civilization even though Sunset Boulevard was merely blocks away; the Hollywood Hills tend to have that marvelous effect. It was so nice to spend time with family in a place with no distractions; no TV, no microwave – not even a coffee pot, and very limited cell phone service. It allowed us to share genuine, uninterrupted time with one another, which seems so far and few these days. Being amongst the endless rows of trees, good records and great friends seem to make the grub taste better, the wine stronger and the memories fonder.

I love that my blog can catalog all these wonderful experiences, especially now that Hera is here. Even now, I look back through the memories and can see how the love in our family has doubled (maybe even tripled) now that we have Hera. I have never understood love more than now and I have never felt more grateful.


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Natural Remedies // Tangerine Rug Refresher

Okay, let’s have an honest moment here. I’m the type of girl who loves, I mean obsesses, over a clean house – but I loathe cleaning. Like, the thought of unloading the dishwasher gives me hives. But, it’s a chore and no one loves chores – at least I don’t think so, but it has to get done. These days I’m shocked by what Hera finds in our carpets and rugs, don’t get me started on this “Googly Eye” situation we’ve got going on. Anyways, being this psuedo-clean freak that I’d like to think I am I whipped up a quick batch of the easiest carpet refresher! Have you read the back of those commercial carpet refreshers? They are almost all toxic chemicals! Yuck! Anyways, you can’t go wrong with good ‘ole baking soda – add a few drops of Tangerine Oil and you’ve got the brightest, cheeriest, most deliciously refreshed rugs and carpet and NO CHEMICALS!

Tangerine Rug Refresher

1 Cup of All Natural Baking Soda
20 Drops of Tangerine Essential Oil

Combine the two ingredients in a glass jar, secure with a lid and give a good shake. Sprinkle on your rugs or carpet and let it side for about 10 – 15 minutes before vacuuming it up.

Do you hate hate cleaning as much as I do? Any tips on getting me excited to clean? (Probably not.)

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